Tools from the SPDX Workgroup

Here you will find tools for validating, transforming, reading and writing SPDX format files. These tools are published by the SPDX Working Group. Under the tools menu you will also find tools offered by the Community and Commercial Vendors.


SPDX Workgroup Tools


OSIT allows developers to scan, self-verify their source code and report during development.


AIRS helps supply chain partners share data regarding identification of open source components in software packages.

Consolidated SPDX Tools and Library

Latest versions of the SPDX workgroup tools consolidates all tool functionality into a single download.

SPDX Compare Utility

Comares two SPDX RDF documents

License RDFa Generator

Create a set of HTML files

RDF to HTML Pretty Printer

Creates an HTML page from a SPDX RDF Document

Tag To RDF Translator

Converts an SPDX in Tag/Value format to RDF

RDF To Tag Translator

Converts SPDX in RDF format to Tag Value format

Spreadsheet Template and Examples

Spreadsheet Template you can fill in for working with the Spreadsheet to RDF Converter

RDF To Spreadsheet

Converts a valid SPDX/RDF file into a spreadsheet

Spreadsheet to RDF

Converts a spreadsheet containing SPDX information into a valid SPDX/RDF file

SPDX Viewer

A command line driven Java application that formats a valid SPDX RDF document.