Request New License or Exception

To Request a License or Exception Be Added to The SPDX License List

The SPDX License List is a list of commonly found open source licenses for the purposes of being able to easily and efficiently identify such licenses in an SPDX document or elsewhere.

While the SPDX Legal Team has already done much work compiling the current SPDX License List, the accuracy and thoroughness required to meet our goal means that the SPDX License List must always be evolving to keep pace with the open source world. Because of this, and our limited bandwidth, the Legal Team greatly appreciates proposals for new open source licenses or exceptions that should be added to the SPDX License List.

To request that a license or exception be added to the SPDX License List, please:

1)  Review the license list overview and inclusion principles.

2)  Check the license and exceptions tracking page to ensure this license or exception has not been previously requested. You can also check the status of your request on the link provided there.

3) If you are not on the SPDX-legal mailing list, please join here. If you send your license request without joining the mailing list, this will greatly slow down correspondance in both directions.

4)  Submit the following information via email to with "New License/Exception Request: <license/exception name>" in the subject line. 

Submission Requirements:

  1. Provide a proposed Full Name for the license or exception.
  2. Provide a proposed Short Identifier.
  3. Provide a functioning url reference to the license or exception text, either from the author or a community recognized source.
  4. Create and attach a text file with the license or exception text from the url provided in #3. Please proofread the text file to ensure that:
    1. Information has not been lost or modified.
    2. Formatting is clean and consistent with the license or exception URL.
  5. Indicate whether the license is OSI-approved (see: or whether it has been submitted for approval to the OSI and is currently under review.
  6. Provide a short explanation regarding the need for this license or exception to be included on the SPDX License List, including identifying at least one program that uses this license.

Review Process:

  1. The SPDX Legal Team normally meets every 2 weeks. Part of the agenda for these meetings is reviewing any submissions for new licenses or exceptions to be added to the SPDX License List.
  2. New submissions meeting the inclusion standards and the requirements above are approved at the next available Legal Team meeting. If further information or clarification is required, the Team will reach out to the requestor accordingly.
  3. Upon approval, the new license or exception will be prepared and added to the next released version of the SPDX License List.