Using SPDX

Getting started with SPDX is easier than you think.  There are three different ways in which you can engage with SPDX. They are mutually exclusive, meaning you do not have to do one to do another. That said, each one is valuable in its own way for helping with license identification and ultimately compliance.  The easiest things to start with are the SPDX License List or by using the license identifiers in your code. Just start using them wherever it is appropriate or makes sense for you to do so.  The pinnacle of SPDX is producing and/or consuming SPDX Documents.  You can explore each of these in more detail by clicking on the image below.


SPDX License List SPDX License Identifiers in Source SPDX Documents


In addition to the resources here you are encouraged to:

  • Attend the General Monthly Meeting. Frequently we have a guest speaker from business or the community who presents on their use of SPDX. Its a great way to see what others are doing and to share or ask questions.