The Software Package Data Exchange® (SPDX®) specification is a standard format for communicating the components, licenses and copyrights associated with a software package.

Samsung talk on SPDX Use at LinuxCon 2013

By Young Taek Kim

This was the presentation given by Samsung at LinuxCon 2013 North America.



SPDX Specification version 1.2

The SPDX 1.2 Specification has been released by the Technical Team. It is now the current version of the Specification.



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We are looking for community and/or commercial tools that support SPDX. If you would like to have a link to your tool click here to see how to submit it.



From the SPDX Workgroup

Open Collaboration Changes Everything...including SPDX

The theme of the Linux Collaboration Summit was: Open collaboration changes everything. (You would know this if you saw the back of my new hoodie.) It will sound sappy, but I was never prouder to be associated with SPDX as I was during the cross function legal discussion on Friday morning, one that can only be characterized as collaboration at its best.

Ring in the new

If I’d gotten to this a few days ago, I might be looking back on an eventful year, but here we are in 2014 looking forward. And, actually, it turns out we did some good reflecting in the blog I posted in November.


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The SPDX Specification

Download the current version

SPDX Version 1.2

This is the current version of the Specification.

SPDX Tools

Implement SPDX in your organization

Consolidated SPDX Tools and Library

Latest versions of the SPDX workgroup tools consolidates all tool functionality into a single download.


The Yocto+SPDX project is built to integrated SPDX generation into the Yocto build process.

RDF To Tag Translator

Converts SPDX in RDF format to Tag Value format

Tag To RDF Translator

Converts an SPDX in Tag/Value format to RDF

RDF to HTML Pretty Printer

Creates an HTML page from a SPDX RDF Document

License RDFa Generator

Create a set of HTML files

SPDX Compare Utility

Comares two SPDX RDF documents

SPDX Viewer

A command line driven Java application that formats a valid SPDX RDF document.