Universal FOSS Exception, Version 1.0


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Universal FOSS Exception, Version 1.0

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The Universal FOSS Exception, Version 1.0

In addition to the rights set forth in the other license(s) included in the distribution for this software, data, and/or documentation (collectively the "Software," and such licenses collectively with this additional permission the "Software License"), the copyright holders wish to facilitate interoperability with other software, data, and/or documentation distributed with complete corresponding source under a license that is OSI-approved and/or categorized by the FSF as free (collectively "Other FOSS"). We therefore hereby grant the following additional permission with respect to the use and distribution of the Software with Other FOSS, and the constants, function signatures, data structures and other invocation methods used to run or interact with each of them (as to each, such software's "Interfaces"):

For avoidance of doubt, a license which is OSI-approved or categorized by the FSF as free, includes, for the purpose of this permission, such licenses with additional permissions, and any license that has previously been so-approved or categorized as free, even if now deprecated or otherwise no longer recognized as approved or free. Nothing in this additional permission grants any right to distribute any portion of the Software on terms other than those of the Software License or grants any additional permission of any kind for use or distribution of the Software in conjunction with software other than Other FOSS.