License Exceptions

The SPDX License List includes a list of exceptions. These exceptions grant an exception to a license condition or additional permissions beyond those granted in a license; they are not stand-alone licenses. Exceptions are added to a license using the License Expression operator, "WITH".

Version: 3.24.0

License Exceptions

Full nameIdentifier
389 Directory Server Exception 389-exception
Asterisk exception Asterisk-exception
Asterisk linking protocols exception Asterisk-linking-protocols-exception
Autoconf exception 2.0 Autoconf-exception-2.0
Autoconf exception 3.0 Autoconf-exception-3.0
Autoconf generic exception Autoconf-exception-generic
Autoconf generic exception for GPL-3.0 Autoconf-exception-generic-3.0
Autoconf macro exception Autoconf-exception-macro
Bison exception 1.24 Bison-exception-1.24
Bison exception 2.2 Bison-exception-2.2
Bootloader Distribution Exception Bootloader-exception
Classpath exception 2.0 Classpath-exception-2.0
CLISP exception 2.0 CLISP-exception-2.0
cryptsetup OpenSSL exception cryptsetup-OpenSSL-exception
DigiRule FOSS License Exception DigiRule-FOSS-exception
eCos exception 2.0 eCos-exception-2.0
Fawkes Runtime Exception Fawkes-Runtime-exception
FLTK exception FLTK-exception
fmt exception fmt-exception
Font exception 2.0 Font-exception-2.0
FreeRTOS Exception 2.0 freertos-exception-2.0
GCC Runtime Library exception 2.0 GCC-exception-2.0
GCC Runtime Library exception 2.0 - note variant GCC-exception-2.0-note
GCC Runtime Library exception 3.1 GCC-exception-3.1
Gmsh exception> Gmsh-exception
GNAT exception GNAT-exception
GNOME examples exception GNOME-examples-exception
GNU Compiler Exception GNU-compiler-exception
GNU JavaMail exception gnu-javamail-exception
GPL-3.0 Interface Exception GPL-3.0-interface-exception
GPL-3.0 Linking Exception GPL-3.0-linking-exception
GPL-3.0 Linking Exception (with Corresponding Source) GPL-3.0-linking-source-exception
GPL Cooperation Commitment 1.0 GPL-CC-1.0
GStreamer Exception (2005) GStreamer-exception-2005
GStreamer Exception (2008) GStreamer-exception-2008
i2p GPL+Java Exception i2p-gpl-java-exception
KiCad Libraries Exception KiCad-libraries-exception
LGPL-3.0 Linking Exception LGPL-3.0-linking-exception
libpri OpenH323 exception libpri-OpenH323-exception
Libtool Exception Libtool-exception
Linux Syscall Note Linux-syscall-note
LLVM Exception LLVM-exception
LZMA exception LZMA-exception
Macros and Inline Functions Exception mif-exception
OCaml LGPL Linking Exception OCaml-LGPL-linking-exception
Open CASCADE Exception 1.0 OCCT-exception-1.0
OpenJDK Assembly exception 1.0 OpenJDK-assembly-exception-1.0
OpenVPN OpenSSL Exception openvpn-openssl-exception
PCRE2 exception PCRE2-exception
PS/PDF font exception (2017-08-17) PS-or-PDF-font-exception-20170817
INRIA QPL 1.0 2004 variant exception QPL-1.0-INRIA-2004-exception
Qt GPL exception 1.0 Qt-GPL-exception-1.0
Qt LGPL exception 1.1 Qt-LGPL-exception-1.1
Qwt exception 1.0 Qwt-exception-1.0
RRDtool FLOSS exception 2.0 RRDtool-FLOSS-exception-2.0
SANE Exception SANE-exception
Solderpad Hardware License v2.0 SHL-2.0
Solderpad Hardware License v2.1 SHL-2.1
stunnel Exception stunnel-exception
SWI exception SWI-exception
Swift Exception Swift-exception
Texinfo exception Texinfo-exception
U-Boot exception 2.0 u-boot-exception-2.0
Unmodified Binary Distribution exception UBDL-exception
Universal FOSS Exception, Version 1.0 Universal-FOSS-exception-1.0
vsftpd OpenSSL exception vsftpd-openssl-exception
WxWindows Library Exception 3.1 WxWindows-exception-3.1
x11vnc OpenSSL Exception x11vnc-openssl-exception

Deprecated Exceptions

Full nameIdentifierDeprecated as of:
Nokia Qt LGPL exception 1.1 Nokia-Qt-exception-1.1 3.1