Welcome to our community. We are happy that are you considering participating. Participation is open to anyone and at any level, even lurking. The SPDX community consists of individuals and companies who are producing and consuming SPDX documents, as well as those who contribute to the various outputs such as the SPDX specification, License List and so forth via one of the three teams.

How we Operate

There are three SPDX teams that work on different aspects of the SPDX project. They are:

Each team has its own meetings and mailing list and in general there are conference calls at least bi-weekly with the technical team meeting every week. Most of the behind the scenes work is done on our wiki: . To learn more about each team or join the team mailing lists, go to their respective sections using the links in the list above. There is also a General mailing list along with a monthly meeting for everyone in the SPDX community.   You can get an overview of the mailing list features here.

Although not an official workgroup, universities are encouraged to work with the SPDX Community. See this page for more information.

Mailing Lists

SPDX uses several mailing lists as a means of general communication and disucssion.  The lists are:

The General list is an announcment only list. It is mostly used to announce general meetings and the occasional important announcement such as a new specificaiton for example. It is a VERY low volume list. If you join any other list in SPDX you will be  automatically subscribed to this list. We do not recommend muting the General list as you may miss out on an important announcement.

The Technical list is used by the Technical team for discussions around the specification and tools.

The Legal list is used by the Legal team for discussions around the license list.

The Outreach list is used by the Outreach team for discussions around outreach activities.

The mailing lists use You will find you have quite a bit of functionality with this including the ability to mute threads (or a list) and a graphical interface for managing theads and replies.   For more information go here.  If you need assistance with, please email for The Linux Foundation’s helpdesk.


General SPDX Meetings and Mailing List

There is also a General Meeting and mailing list, the main purpose of which is to report out on team activities. You can subscribe to the general mailing list here. This is a good way for anyone with casual interest to participate and be notified of General Meetings and an overview of progress. The General Meeting for all SPDX participants is held once a month. You are invited to join the call or review the meeting minutes here.

Note: Frequently we have a guest speaker from business or the community who presents on their use of SPDX at the general Meeting. It's a great way to see what others are doing and to share and ask questions.

Governance Model

The SPDX Governance model is based on the Meritocratic Governance model used by the Apache Software Foundation as described at OSS Watch and is documented here.